Regions Bank: Doing More

In class on Monday, November 19, our teacher Dr. Brocato brought pamphlet she picked up at our local Regions Bank. After minimal searching, I found a copy of it on their website to peruse. The pamphlet is about social responsibility, and Dr. Brocato seemed surprised that it existed. The pamphlet includes a short message from the Regions Corporation Chairman which tells about their dedication to service. I really appreciate getting to read something so light about people helping other people, especially when they are truly passionate about it, but this article resonated even more strongly with me. This told the stories of people building houses, building schools, building communities, caring for education, and caring for each other. But these weren’t just any people, no, these are MY PEOPLE. These things are happening in Starkville, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Marietta, Orlando, and New Orleans, places I have been, places where the people I know and love live. So thank you, Regions and Regions partners, for doing more for the greater good.

One thought on “Regions Bank: Doing More”

  1. When Dr. Brocato told us about what Regions bank was doing, I was truly surprised and amazed. I thought that if a bank can do all of these things for others that maybe I could do just a few things to help my future students when we are in my classroom. I plan to help provide essentials like this bank does for its people to my students. I will keep paper, pencils, and other supplies in order for my students that are struggling financially to have what they need. For my students that need an encouraging supportive figure, I will do my best to provide that for each of them. I plan to do just what Regions is doing and help the community of students that I will have.


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