Thanksgiving Thoughts

Over the Thanksgiving break, I was once again reminded of how blessed and privileged I am.  I grew up in a two-parent household, where both parents are educated, employed, and involved in their children’s lives.  All four of my grandparents are still living and are still together, and I have plenty of aunts, uncles, and cousins who are equally as involved as a family.  I have two siblings who are healthy and happy, and I have great relationships with both of them.  My family is financially secure enough to live comfortably and help send us through college.  Whenever I think about how lucky I am to live the life I lead, I remember that we need to use our privilege to help those who may not have what I have.  I think that’s a big reason why I am so passionate about education.  If I can use my job to impact somebody’s life for the positive, then I believe that I am doing the what I am supposed to do.

One thought on “Thanksgiving Thoughts”

  1. I feel as though the acknowledgement of privilege will ultimately make you a strong teacher. Being able to acknowledge having privilege will make you and all of the rest of us future teachers be humbled. We are able to see what we have and want to strive to help our students to get to where we are. We can better understand each of our students when we understand ourselves.


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