What does it mean to live mutual?

Over our Thanksgiving break, I saw a commercial for Mass Mutual. It reminded me a lot of the Regions pamphlet that Dr. Brocato brought to class. I’ve rewatched it several times, now, and I’ve included the link to the MassMutual Youtube channel if any of you are interested in watching it.

In the video it shows a retiree comforting and ICU baby, a mom buying a car for a teacher, a students’ invention that helps a girl play a violin, and strangers hosting a wedding in their home. You will notice that the people in each segment of the video come from very different places in life. They are different races, different ages, and they have different abilities and talents. And I get chills just from a 1:00 minute video about how they all come together.

I think that living mutually means trusting one another, giving each other the benefit of the doubt, and choosing to help the people around you so that we can succeed together. I hope to create a model for this some way in my classroom.

Recently, I worked on a lesson plan which involved the Jig Saw Method. This method was created Elliot Aronson, and he used it in Texas when the schools were being integrated. This is what he had to say about using it in the classroom, “Within a few weeks, long-standing suspicion, fear, and distrust between groups produced an atmosphere of turmoil and hostility. ” This is just one idea I would like to use to help create a sense of trust and an environment of mutuality in my classroom.


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