What you can miss.

Okay, so full disclosure, I am a white person. That being said, I know I have white privilege. Now, that being said, I also recognize the social injustices other races face in our society. Before, I think I had a “Not My Problem” attitude about racial divide. I thought, “Well, since I am not racist, then I am doing my part”. If I saw racial injustice, I sat by thinking, “it’s not my job to defend them or stick up for them. I am sorry that they face struggles, but there is nothing I can do to help.” I was very incorrect about this assumption. I had no idea how naïve and selfish this was until I hit college. I was more wrapped in the idea that I’m a good person so it’s fine. After a great discussion in class, a point was stuck in my head: A white person is more likely to listen to another white person about social injustices. Wow. What a whopper. I don’t know why this is. I couldn’t tell you the science behind why white people are incapable of listening better to other races. For the record, sorry about that. Now with all these thoughts stuck in my head, I recognize that all human beings are accountable. Well, at least I believe we should all be accountable to each other. Meaning when help our fellow man recognize when something is not right. Yes, learn from others mistakes, but also help them see that they are making a mistake and then you can grow together. As a high school teacher, on day I will have to opportunities for my diverse classrooms to discuss. I will have the opportunity for my students to dispel injustice. I can facilitate relationships built on respect as opposed to competition or hate or frustrations. The world is too small, and life is too short for people to face struggles based on race. There are worse/harder things we should be focusing on, but yet we are stuck in the past. It is time to move forward, and I am learning that I can and will make a better impact, especially in my future classroom.

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