Over the duration of the past couple of weeks, the students’ roller-coaster project came to an end. They all demonstrated their creations of the project for grading, critique, and reward. Out of all of the classes that participated in the project, three teams with the most creative, efficient, and precise design will get to present their designs to the Mayor’s Council and receive an award in return! This is so awesome because it exemplifies the Starkville community’s support of education. This also shows students that, even if unsaid, their hard work and good behavior does not go unnoticed.

It was also great to see how, the students that I mentor, exercised higher order thinking skills. They went from looking at all problems on the surface level, to thinking critically and analytically about what if, what could, how about, lets try this! This was very rewarding to witness because this is something that we have learned about in our education courses, but to actually see students demonstrate it is priceless.

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Khalil Cain

I am Khalil Cain, a Business Technology Education major at Mississippi State University. I am a native of central Mississippi and a senior in college. I am looking forward to exploring more 21st Century Digital Learning Tools.

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