Thoughts from Thanksgiving

While looking back now on my Thanksgiving break, it was different in years past. It was truly difficult to go home and be there while realizing I had just lost someone i care deeply about that Wednesday. The loss of my great grandmother impacted everyone roughly in my family. However, I look back and realize even during the tough times how blessed I really am. I never have had to go a day in my life where I was worried about where to sleep or when I would get my next meal. Sometimes I was not always pleased with all my friends having all the newest toys or clothes, but my parents continued working hard for my brother and I to have the clothes we need and things that were needed. The same point can be made that I had two parents who always care for me and are supportive of me even when I wanted to become a teacher and find some scholarships for college. The break also brought family into town I normally don’t see and all of them cared to know how my life was going and what I wanted to do with my future. I recognize a lot of people in life don’t have all that to claim.  But even though this past week was rough, I realize there is things to be helpful for and ways to help people. That mindset is one of the things i want to bring to my classroom even if it only helps a few.

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