Differentiation in the Classroom

While writing my unit plan, I have struggled thinking about how I can differentiate for my students, especially the lower level students. We know social justice has to do with equality and I have mentioned before that children take different paths to end up at the same end goal of other students. My thinking was what if those students never actually learned the concepts that my high stakes assessment is assessing them on?? How will I handle that? That is why I intend on having a friendly classroom atmosphere that encourages collaborative learning. I think sometimes a peer can clear up a misconception easier than the teacher sometimes. We know that some research has backed this up. I also thought about having some “cheat sheets” on hand to give students who seem to be struggling with the mathematical concepts. These sheets would have the procedures laid out for them to refer to as they needed assistance. Of course, the teacher would always be available, however, we cannot be in 10 places at once. Even if the sheets are never used, they may come in handy for one child who may need the extra review to succeed in your class.

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