Diversity in Hollywood…

A few weeks ago, Dr. Kay was talking about the importance of teachers addressing the diversity of students in their classroom. In class I realized she made a valid point, but never thought of it again. However, last week I saw an article on People.com about Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy addressing the lack of diversity in Hollywood. This made me think back to what Dr. Kay had said in class just a few days before. I also began to think about what the effect would be on the world outside of the classroom if we, teachers, spoke up when our classrooms were not diverse in gender and/or race. We really do have more power than we credit ourselves for sometimes. We can make big impressions on the little minds we are privileged to shape. We need to make sure that we are taking advantage of this to make a positive impact in the world, that will one day go beyond just us. As teachers we can not only teach our students about diversity and the importance of diversity, but we can also model diversity for our students. To model, we can be inclusive in the images we use, examples we give, and the words we speak towards others. Our students will one day be the ones in Hollywood and the ones shaping the workforce. When they are in these positions of power, we want them to be the ones speaking up for diversity in the workplace, because they saw how beautiful diversity is in their elementary classroom. We all come from different backgrounds and we all have something unique to contribute. We as teachers, need to be the ones who see and value the unique characteristics of every student.

One thought on “Diversity in Hollywood…”

  1. As Dr. Brocato was speaking about the circumstances of having the privilege to choose her children’s’ teachers, I immediately thought back to my own schooling experience. I remember the same students (children of teachers) in the same class every year and you could predict what teacher they would get almost every year. I remember being jealous of this privilege because I wanted to be able to pick my teacher as they did. Looking back I should not have been jealous, as I got the same education as them and more than likely had more diversity. I also never thought about the representation in Hollywood until this was brought to my attention. You did a great job at speaking about modeling diversity in your posts. We, as teachers, need to use our power to better the future world in every way possible. Since I will be teaching secondary, I hope to see none of my students with the mind set that diversity is not a beautiful thing, but if they do, I hope to do everything in my power to change this mindset.


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