Being inclusive is something I wrote down on my identity wheel as an important part of my personal identity. As I continued to read through our classroom sketchbook, I found a page titled Organization Inclusiveness Stages. (pg. 34) There were pieces of this handout that empowered me, pieces that I questioned, and pieces that challenged me. I believe that after thinking about it quite a bit, I have been able to grow from it.

  1. I felt empowered by the statements of the “inclusive” section of the chart. It said “Current insiders actively recruit newcomers and value diversity. Insiders are willing to change themselves and the culture to make room for new people with diverse perspectives, ideas, and ways of working together.” I want my classroom to be filled with this type of insiders. I want the students in my classroom to learn to welcome diversity like this.
  2. I questioned the idea of “explicitly telling those with less power how the power is structured in a group.” The idea here is to bring along equity. I know communication is key, but I feel like the reality of this would involve some tough conversations and a whole lot of grace on both sides.
  3. I was challenged by the idea that “Language can shape perceptions” and “We have to consciously work to find ways  to value all experiences.” To me, that last statement is a call to action, one to be taken seriously.

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