Classroom Management

Dr. Brocato believes the key to classroom management is engaging instruction. She believes in using Studio Based Learning to engage learners as apprentices.

I once had the opportunity to hear a talk about the work of Harry and Rosemary Wong at the Mississippi Professional Educators Annual Conference. They believe procedures and and routines are the key to classroom management, and there work has been proven to turn classrooms around.

I think we can’t necessarily narrow down the one key to classroom management, but I do think that the people who have tried both methods sincerely wanted to create change in the classroom. They want to create safe learning spaces for the students they care about.

I believe in my classroom that I will use a combination of procedures and engaging lessons. Sometimes, I think it is sometimes difficult to create math lessons which cover the standards and engage the students. I think I am more confident in creating procedures.

Once I am in the classroom, I think it will be best to create procedures and attempt engaging lessons. I will observe my students and adjust according to what they need and hopefully include some of what they’re interested in.


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