Conclusion of Class

Upon the conclusion on this class, I am reflecting back on what all I have learned about social justice and how to implement social justice ideas in classrooms so that I may advocate for my students. I think I learned the most about social justice from the second project we completed in class. The second project was the Universal Intervention Plan in which we were to create a video discussing aspects of the classroom. My partner and I chose to research and present about “creating a physical setting that supports academic and social goals”. I did not realize how many social justice topics were interwoven into creating a physical classroom environment. For example, it is important to create an environment in which students have proper access to all tools they may need. This includes aspects such as having a clear pathway for students with disabilities to maneuver safely. Also, in a classroom it is important to seat your students in a way that helps meet social and academic goals. This can include seating students with learning disabilities or attention disorders in areas that best help them thrive. Project two definitely helped me learn the most concepts that will be directly applicable to my future classroom. Again, part of practicing social justice in the education system is advocating for all students, especially those who may have trouble advocating for themselves. So, as teachers it is important to consider the struggles of all students when arranging a classroom.

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