Social Justice + Technology

As I am working on my Curriculum Design project, I get an email from a student stating they cannot re-open their coding project that they just finished. The time was 10:20PM, I thought about not responding since it is “after hours” but then I thought about  Dr. Brocato class  over the past few weeks and how to be an effective teacher, sometimes you have to go the extra mile and meet students where they are and build from there. As I am sitting at my desk, I thought if I want to be an effective teacher one day  how do I want my student to see me as, a teacher that leaves them on “read” or the teacher that showed  a helpful and compassionate demeanor when they needed it the most?

So, after a brief reflection, I emailed the student back asking if they were still in the lab and I would be there in 15 minutes.

When I arrived their faces changed completely from one of despair to hopefulness. They were hopeful that just maybe there project was not lost forever. That their hard work over the past few weeks could be revived with a click of a button. Just like in life though, technology sometimes throw curve balls that we can neither catch nor hit.

I tried everything, as a teacher we hope that we can solve most problems especially if it relates to our own discipline, however I could not recover the file. However, a previous version of said project was able to be restored.

The students decided to start fresh in the Morning based on the old version of their project.

One thing that I took from how they handled the situation is sometimes as teachers we have to learn to improvise. If technology fails us we should always have a back-up plan and if students are having trouble with a concept we just taught then we need to go back and re-teach that content.


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