Young, Gifted and Black

For my Unity and Diversity Talk at the beginning of the semester for Dr. Brocato’s Planning for the Diversity of Learners course I did my presentation on the book Young Gifted and Black by Theresa Perry, Asa Hilliard, and Claude Steele. My book was about finding out the WHY of African-Americans Achieving. My take aways were as follows:

1.Education has always been at the forefront of our African-American Culture but in recent years people from different backgrounds feel  that African-Americans do not care about education.

A) If we seek out the past then we can clarify the present and future

2. The threat of Stereotypes( no matter your background) has an effect on you whether you realize it or not

A) If we create an environment where we take the pressure and stress away then others will see improvement no matter if it is grades, sports, or anything that makes you second guess

3. The responsibility falls on the teacher more so than outside factors.

A) Teachers should educate tthemselves on best practices to reach and student that enters their classroom.

B) They should not make excuses for why students are not learning i.e. home life, ethnicity, attitude/demeanor

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