Social Justice in Literature

As I have been studying for my finals, the idea of a multicultural unit has been popping up again and again — I have had to create two myself. As I have been planning these units, I thought about it from a students point of view. This got me thinking. As a white female, I have never had to think about being able to relate to content seeing as most of the content is geared towards me. But, there are many students that are not in the position that I am in. Thus, the idea of a multicultural unit. However, I disagree with this. As a future English teacher, I strive to create units that are multicultural. I want to highlight authors of all types of cultures and backgrounds. I want my students to be able to find a piece of themselves in the literature that they are reading. However, I realize this may not be as easy as it sounds or else all teachers would be doing this, I imagine. I have not truly ever been in a classroom teaching and planning daily, so I will have to learn for myself how to create a perfect balance.

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