Diversity Outside of Race

I had a conversation about sign language today, and it made me think of my little cousins. They have autism and both have delayed speech development, so they use some sign language to communicate their needs. I know social justice is usually spoken of in a race context, but what about diversity outside of race? I have had classes about special needs students and how they should be handled and treated in the school, but I don’t think we ever really talked about different aspects of autism. Delayed speech development is a large one, and I think it could be one of the easier aspects to manage in a classroom. I think it would be great if elementary education teachers had to learn ASL and secondary education teachers were encouraged to learn it. The idea was never brought up to me and now I wish I had learned it. This could be so beneficial for both the teacher and the student. The students already have enough obstacles in their lives, and communicating with their teacher shouldn’t be one of them.

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