Small Town Problems

I come from a very small town here in Mississippi, and it has its pros and cons. Southern small towns can be some of the most warm, inviting, and hospitable places- or at least some of them to most people. I’m not sure why it took me so long to notice this, but one of the towns I have lived within 15 miles of for 15+ years of my life is filled with a lot of hatred. Growing up around those people, I suppose I grew desensitized to the small somewhat racist things they say. Being in this class about diversity and looking back, I have no clue how I never realized it. I think it is important to call attention to a toxic environment in our communities and actually do something about it. The microaggressions spewed by the few hateful people in a town could cause an entire community to break off and take sides, causing more hate. This is all preventable by us, the ones learning about the importance of social justice and how to promote it.

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