Access to Technology

In my methods 1 observations last semester, I had the chance to spend time in a classroom at Columbus Middle School. Thinking about equity reminded of this because I remember a little over 90% of the students there were African American. This is a one-to-one school, so there were plenty of laptops and iPads for the students to use and their teachers were good about leaving enough time during class for the students to get their online work done in case they didn’t have internet access at home. I thought this was awesome and am glad that students with little access to technology outside of school got the chance to finish their work. But what if those students didn’t go to a one-to-one school with plenty of computers to get their work done on? I think it’s very important to consider the students’ access to technology outside of the classroom, especially when you are teaching at a school that is not one-to-one. Giving a lot of online work can be an issue when working at a school with students living in poverty. As educators, we need to seriously consider the students’ opportunities outside of the classroom and try our best to help them work through any obstacles they may face, like giving them extra time in class to finish their online work.

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