The field experience was a new and interesting experience for me as I have never used a blog before. I enjoyed being able to collaborate with classes and students from other states through the blog. It was also nice to see different viewpoints from students who are undergraduate and graduate students. It was great to view multiple perspectives and learn about new educational practices that the undergraduate students were learning about. It seems that graduate students often having experience teaching but can get stuck creating lessons that are not always as creative as undergraduate students. It was refreshing to see the undergraduate’s willingness to try new things and take risks with their lessons. Collaborating within my group was nice as we were able to discuss a specific group who is fighting for social justice. I like how we were focused on the LGBTQI community since these are complex discussions and can be difficult to really dig deep with broader parameters. The first task of creating standards was harder than I expected. It was difficult to take a complex topic such as teaching empathy and inclusiveness towards the LGBTQ community and create three objectives for educators to use when designing instruction. Our group mainly texted and collaborated through a google doc which worked well for us. Being in different locations and unable to meet in person, a google doc was a simple way to combine all our ideas and edit each other’s responses. I really enjoyed searching for websites and apps that addressed teaching empathy and educating users of the history of the LGBTQI community. It amazed me how little there was that directly met our objectives and truly represented this community in a positive way. While I was able to find resources having my group members also research their own websites and apps was valuable as they found resources I had not which added to the quality of our final posting. Reviewing lessons of peers was a valuable experience to practice as this may be part of my job as a technology specialist. Within our group we each reviewed lessons and turned to the group asking for further input of how to rephrase or enhance the feedback that we were giving. Over the past few weeks I learned the importance of group work and how communicating and respecting each other’s time is vital. Group work can only work when everyone is willing to put in the effort in a timely manner. My group collaborated and challenged each other to create our best work. I learned a lot about how we have a lot of improving to do with implementing social justice objectives, specifically those addressing the LGBTQI community. Posting to the blog allowed our group to view others work. This was helpful as I could see the progress they were making and reflect how I may or may not incorporate teaching empathy towards race and ELL students. I think working in groups for the social justice portion of this course was useful. We incorporated the perspectives of everyone in the group. In my group, we each had our own ideas and were not afraid to share them which challenged each other but ultimately resulted in much better products and responses.

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