1. Do you have any new insights after the class experience concerning social justice?

I would say the biggest insight I have on social justice after this class is the importance of teaching these issues to children all over the country and world, no matter where they live. I currently teach in an area that is not diverse at all, so exposing these children to ideas and people that might be different from them is so important.

2. Do you have any new concerns about social justice?

Not many new concerns, just the fact that parents might be upset with some issues I introduce into my classroom, depending on their beliefs. Backlash or retaliation from them can become a huge issue.

3. What is your philosophy of integrating social justice in the classroom?

My philosophy is that teaching social justice is necessary and needs to start at the very start of a child’s educational journey. It should be integrated as much as possible so that the children are familiar with the topics at a young age. I see it not so much as a subject that we always carve out time for but something that can be integrated and talked about whenever deemed necessary.

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