Field Experience Reflection

The field experience was valuable for me in that I am always looking for ways to better incorporate social justice into my classroom. This experience allowed me to explore resources but also look deeper to find more concrete objectives for how I want social justice lessons to take place in my classroom. My group’s topic for the field experience was students of color. As my school district becomes more and more diverse, I felt that this was a helpful topic to explore further. I teach economics, so I feel that I can easily tie social justice into my lessons and even did so in my own classroom during this experience. I created a lesson using resources from Teaching Tolerance about the cycle of poverty. I was also able to incorporate some of the games that my group reviewed, such as Spent and Third World Farmer. Both are extremely useful games to help students understand the perspective of someone who is experiencing financial hardships, and quite often, they are students of color. During the lesson, students were given several tables of data, showing demographics about unemployment and AP class enrollment nation-wide. While designing the lesson plan, I tried to keep our objectives in mind because what would be the point of coming up with them if we weren’t going to put them to use. They made me think more critically about design and I was more thoughtful in what I wanted the outcome of the lesson to be. Ultimately my students created infographics that explained the cycle of poverty and they were really great! This field experience was helpful in providing me with more resources and opening my eyes to ways of finding more resources to use. My group worked well together over the course of the four weeks. We were all incredibly busy with outside work going on, but we texted as often as we could, providing updates on the status of our assignments. It seems like each of us just naturally took turns taking charge of each assignment, stepping up to lead the rest through, which was very productive. We were able to put our ideas together nicely through the class blog and sharing documents on our One Drives. Working with other educators is nice because we are all in the same boat and understand how busy we all are. Reviewing the social justice plans was the biggest challenge for us as a group overall. I think for me personally, I am more comfortable giving feedback to my students than I am to my peers. I know that I know what I am talking about when I give feedback to my students, but I definitely need to work on building my confidence up to the same level with giving feedback to my peers. That of course will come with time. I think it was very good practice because the purpose of the task was to prepare us for our future in aspects like tech coaching.

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