Final Reflection

Connecting social justice, English language learners, and technology has been an eye-opening experience as an educator. Working in a school with many ELLs and immigrants, I see many social injustices that I would love to improve. After reviewing many social justice games, I realized that these programs can be easily implemented in the classroom within an assignment or as a free time opportunity. Elementary students can be easily influenced by what is around them and I feel that some of these games would be engaging and interesting to my students. When writing about how they would benefit the ELL population, I was always thinking about how it would benefit my current students and how they would use it. I do plan to introduce my students to some of the programs that can be available on our Chromebooks or ipads to spark their interests in social justice.

Reviewing the lesson plans also helped me realize that teaching social justices can be done to all ages in various ways. Included in the lessons were close reading, research, answering text-dependent questions, accountable discussions and more of the skills that are focused on in my classroom daily. Again, I thought about how each of the lessons would work in my current classroom of ELLs to provide suggestions. Not only was it beneficial to view various lesson plans implementing social justice but it was nice to get other viewpoints on using them with ELLs from the other members of my group. Reading how others think about the ELLs in their classroom gives me another perspective on how to reach my students in different ways. Working in a group where we can relate to each other’s classroom struggles makes it easier to connect with one another and improve our practices.

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