Reflection on the Semester

During this course we have had the opportunity to work in groups to evaluate games,
lesson plans, and standards for technology and social justice. In the last four weeks we were able to collaborate with other classmates on these topics. The group that I was in worked very well together. Each of us participated in conversations with one another, as well as with the content. We were all very attentive to one another and seemed to have a common understanding about the assignments and content. When texting, emailing, and working together we were positive in our conversations and constructive criticisms. None of us were negative or absent of doing work. I think that overall, our group worked very well together.
In terms of my contribution to the group work and blog postings, I tried to be timely,
positive and participate to the best of my abilities. I always made sure that my work was done on time so that the other students who were waiting on my responses or discussion could complete their work as well. When critiquing or commenting on others’ work, I remained positive and light in my constructive criticism. For me, this allowed me to work on my word usage when working with others, which is something I need to keep in mind when I work with fellow teachers, parents, and students. Additionally, this reminds me to take critical looks at my lessons and projects that I conduct in my professional and personal life.
Looking at all of the tasks we have done in this course, I think that I have learned some
skills that will benefit me in being a technology specialist. We were able to look at various social justice issues and create standards off of those. This will allow me to create standards for various topics that I may come across in my field. Additionally, we were able to review online games that help promote social justice. We also were able to review lessons that other students had created to promote social justice issues. In doing so, I gained skills in critically analyzing, discussing, and reviewing various aspects of lessons and other tasks. These skills that I have practiced will be very useful in my field as a technology specialist.
In addition to gaining these skills in collaboration and analyzing topics, we did learn
some content in terms of social justice, and for my group, the various populations of color. I did not realize how many resources are out there in current event social justice issues in terms of lessons to work on with our students. There are online games that allow students to understand some aspects of life that other students may be experiencing. Utilizing these in a classroom would be beneficial. Students often already are exposed to these types of issues in their personal life, so discussing them in school in a positive, supportive, and open environment can help all types of students.

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