Field Experience Reflection

The field experience in this course allowed me to consider how technology can be integrated into the curriculum to address social justice issues. I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with our peers as we created standards, reviewed games and created recommendations for lesson plans. Each of these assignments gave me the chance to think about my role as a future instructional technology specialist. The social justice issues discussed during this portion of the course will definitely have an impact on the way I design lessons in the future. I look forward to incorporating some of the objectives into my classroom and thinking about lesson design in a more critical manner.

I realized during this process that creating objectives related to social justice issues must be an intentional step in the design process. My group created objectives related to students of color and concentrated on how to encourage students to embrace diversity and recognize the value of others’ differences. Reviewing online games to simulate walking in another’s shoes was particularly interesting to me. Prior to this assignment, I didn’t know that games of this nature existed. Not only do the games examined by my group provide a tool for teaching issues of social justice, they each could be integrated into ELA, math, science or social studies curriculums. Creating recommendations for lesson plans that related to specific objectives was a little bit of a difficult task. This was tough because the teachers who wrote the lessons plans had already taken time to include social justice issues and technology into their lessons. As a group, we made sure to give at least one recommendation for each objective and included as much technology as possible.

Throughout this four week process, technology made it easy to interact with my group members. For each task we initially discussed how we would complete the assignments through a text message. We then used both a collaborative document on OneDrive and the discussion board on Blackboard to share our ideas. The text message allowed us to informally share our thoughts before compiling them in a word processing document. As we completed work together, I tried to be efficient in my submission of ideas and clear in the way I explained my thinking. I did my best to remain positive and be an equal contributor on all tasks. Overall, I think our group worked well together throughout this process.

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