Project #1

My book talk was on Diane Ravitch’s, The Language Police. The book trudges through the in’s and out’s of censorship of textbooks, standardized tests, and classroom literature – and how this censorship affected and influences school systems today. It exposes the extent to which the state governments and big corporations have control.  This censorship’s primarily intended focus is to not give a certain group of individuals an advantage to understanding the material; but at what cost do “we” censor the world from America’s youth? With each censorship rule added, a token of value for human experience, cultural influence, and potential imagination is taken away. It is argued that the extensing censorship is painting an unrealistic picture of the world, one in which only relates to the group of people being tested. The textbooks all have parallel facts, but contrasting stories; and the types of literature chosen and banned in the classroom is subject to discretion.

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