Course Reflection

Technology is an integral part of our every day lives.  This course allowed me to consider instructional design principles and methods for planning and delivering an effective learning environment using technology.  In order to execute a successful learning environment, I had to maintain a current and extensive repertoire of digital tools and resources.  This experience laid the foundation for me to be able to provide feedback to peers on their lesson plans.  This course design incorporated what it means to be an educational technology specialist.

When tasked with providing a fellow colleague feedback on technology integration, I found that it was a challenge at first.  It took time and careful consideration to find an appropriate balance of staying true to my colleague’s lesson design, but also building upon that to make for a richer learning experience for students.  In order to find that balance, it required me to research the listed objectives in isolation and then examine how those objected linked to the lesson design.  When I found gaps, I was able to find a way to suggest a technology tool to fill those gaps.  Technology also made it possible to engage students in a multi-modal way.

Working with a group of Technology Specialists towards the end of the semester has proven to be a valuable experience.  Each individual in my group brought their own perspective and expertise to the table when discussion issues at end.  Together, we gave one another constructive feedback on our presented designs and content.  Each member played in role in helping me to expand my technology tool repertoire, consider opposing views, and deliver meaningful content to others.

This course pushed me to consider aspects of instructional design that I had previously gone unnoticed.  It has been a valuable learning experience working with each and every one of you.  I continue to be impressed by the caliber of peers I have the pleasure of working with throughout this program.

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