1.Do you have any new insights after the class experience concerning social justice?

I have gained new perspectives on a multitude of different areas concerning social justice.  One of the major insights that has been brought to the forefront of my attention is the significant role that I have as an educator.  As an educator, I have many different jobs, one being teaching the content of my subject area but that is only a fraction of what educating entails.  I must also create an environment that fosters free thinking and comfortability that social justice issues can be discussed.  This discussion of social justice and potential solutions should be seamlessly intertwined into my content curriculum in order to have students learn content material while also connecting it to the issues of our present-day world.

  1. Do you have any new concerns about social justice?

This course has brought the scale that social justice issues are prevalent in our communities to my attention.  I was aware of the different social justice issues such as gender and race inequality and human rights issues, however, This course has brought to light the scale in which these issues plague our communities.  Also, this course gave me a prospective on just how important a role I can play as an educating in attempting to push for change.

  1. What is your philosophy of integrating social justice in the classroom?

Integrating social justice into the classroom is crucial. I believe that the best way to promote social justice in the classroom is to foster a safe environment for students to freely discuss their perspectives and have real conversations about social justice.  Creating this atmosphere in the classroom is not an easy task but once attained students and the teacher can discuss the issue and allow students to see the different aspects to social justice and human rights from other perspectives.  Also, weaving some social justice and human rights modules, as we discussed, into the curriculum of a social studies class can aid in bring social justice issues into the content and connect what the students are learning about to the issues of today.  This method can not only aid them in retaining the information needed for the course but also bring to light the social justice and human rights issues that plague our communities today.


Kevin Racaniello

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