Social Justice Reflection

1.) Do you have any new insights after the class experience concerning social justice?

I wouldn’t say I have any new insights concerning social justice. This class has however, reminded me of ways in which social justice can be incorporated into the classroom. It has also reminded me the importance of setting up a classroom environment where all students feel safe and respected. It is important for the teacher to set up this kind of environment for students to follow, starting by examine their own personal biases and prejudices.  

 2.) Do you have any new concerns about social justice?

There are no new concerns that I can think of. 

 3.) What is your philosophy of integrating social justice in the classroom?

I believe that integrating issues of social justice are important issues to integrate in the classroom. I think it’s incredibly important to look at social justice issues from the past such as the civil rights movement or the Holocaust. I also think it’s important to look at current issues of social justice, such as modern-day examples of how racism or anti-Antisemitism can still be seen today. I believe that some issues of social justice such as many from the modules should only be taught with older grades. For controversial topics (such as boarder control), where students are to form a position, I believe it’s important for students to form their own opinions by conducting research and using reliable sources the best they can. Teachers should never sway a child to think a certain way about an issue like that because they believe one thing or another. For example, my government teacher my senior year of high school was a politician on a town board nearby. While he was so excited to share his love for government with the class, he would never reveal what political party he was a part of. He wanted us as students to form our own individual opinions on different issues and did not want us to think a certain way because that is how he thought. Personally, I really admired that about the teacher. For younger children I think it is important to have students learn that they should be okay with who they are regardless of their skin color, gender, way they look, etc., and learn how to begin to except others as well.

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