577 Social Justice Reflection

  1. Through this class I have gained many new insights concerning social justice and human rights.  I now know that social justice is when all populations have equal rights and opportunities. I have also learned how schools can be a big player in promoting social justice.
  2. As far as new concerns, this course has made me much more aware of the injustices in our society.  Before taking this course, I was not fully aware of my own privilege and how privilege is always at the expense of another group.  I feel that many people do not understand the history of oppression in our country and ways in which certain populations are impacted daily by their status in society.
  3. I feel more prepared and eager to integrate social justice into my teaching.  In the classroom, social justice can be seamlessly integrated daily. Students should be provided with authentic texts and examples of issues many populations face.  Teachers should lead by example and empower their students to stand up against injustices and be agents of change. In addition, teachers must create respectful, fair, and equitable learning environments.

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