577 Social Justice Reflection

  1. Do you have any new insights after the class experience concerning social justice?

One of the biggest insights that I have taken way from this class is the need to become self-aware in society. I think this will only help improve the issues in society. Noticing the aspects of society that are not right, and pointing them out as an individual, and addressing the situations is essential to the growth of social justice reform in this country. Becoming self-aware of social justice issues in the country and the world, will only help impact the problems in society for the better.

  1. Do you have any new concerns about social justice?

One of the major concerns I have about social justice is it a topic covered everywhere in the United States? There are so many aspects to this question that need to be covered. For one, are the teacher qualified and aware of the need for social justice education? Many teachers may not think about social justice issues and the awareness of their students. Without this course, I may have never thought about teaching my students (elementary) the basics about social justice issues. Creating students who are self-aware about social justice issues starts with education. Making sure students are prepared to take on the social justice issues in the world is a necessity. Two, are there areas in the country who are resistance to the teaching of social justice issues in the world? I personally feel there are places in this country that are resistant, or support social issues in our country. How do we educate students to fight against an issue that is an everyday occurrence in their lives? That would be my one big concern is assuring we are able to educate all students on social justice issues, not just a few.


  1. What is your philosophy of integrating social justice in the classroom?

I believe it is a necessity to integrate social justice into the classroom. Whether it be teaching the basic vocabulary terms and minor issues in the elementary schools, or diving into the deeper topics in the high school, students need to learn about these issues in the classroom. One of the biggest takeaways from this course is assuring students become self-aware. Giving students the tools they need to go out in society and make a difference is essential in succeeding in making strides when it comes to social justice issues in the country.

Kyle Jarrell

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