Reflection for EDUC 577

  1. Do you have any new insights after the class experience concerning social justice?

After taking this course for a MST in Special Education requirement, I have realized that social justice is everyone’s responsibility and that the role of an educator is to be diligent in combating injustices on every front and to support a diverse learning environment that teaches the values of diversity and how to respect one another.

2. Do you have any new concerns about social justice?

I have always been concerned about social justice. Through this course it has become quite apparent that as an educator, I have to address technology and social media as it relates to social justice. My concern is how to do that effectively while successfully creating connections between students and their social media networks to their school environment and academic learning skills. Another concern is teaching empathy because it is one thing to give a homework assignment and have students complete the steps, but it is more important to cultivate empathy because that is more likely to serve the student’s best interest and others that they come in contact with in their lives.

3. What is your philosophy of incorporating social justice in the classroom?

My philosophy on social justice in the classroom is to create culturally responsive classrooms that promote and encourage diversity. This would be done through discussions with students, teaching self-reflection and creative projects that allow students to share who they are while they also create their identities as it relates to school, their community and their ideas of the world. Keeping the content of discussions and academic lessons supportive and using a critical thinking to gain knowledge and practice empathy would allow students to improve their skills and ultimately become responsible students and citizens.

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