Final Reflection

The field experience for this course was different than any other field experience I have had. The ability to collaborate with not only the students within my own class but with ones from another school added a whole new level of perspective. The platform of blogging is an exciting way to communicate within the newer realms of technology. I truly enjoyed being able to discuss information with students who had different viewpoints and as well were at different levels academically.

Collaboration is the key to any type of discussion and being a part of the LGBTQI discussion group was truly eye opening. Being in a classroom means that I encounter LGBTQI issues quite often. It was extremely beneficial to hear other teachers’ viewpoints from their own classrooms and experiences they had encountered. Working in the LGBTQI group proved difficult in the beginning for me. To be completely honest I was not well versed in terminology as well as information. I found myself looking a lot of things up in order to figure out how to appropriately write in the group. I never wanted to seem uneducated about the topic we were working with. The other issue that I ran into was my ability to make objectives toward that community when I felt that I myself did not know enough about the topics.

When our group met it was usually through texting or Google Docs. Texting made it easy to constantly stay in touch within group chat mode in order to make sure everyone was on track and completing the assignment on time. The google doc was our way of ensuring that all of the content we needed to provide was all together. Thankfully so many of the group members were very understanding and some equally as busy as I was. It was great collaborating through text and google docs in order to ensure that we all were able to complete the assignment without needing to talk at the exact same time every day. I could add part after work and then another member could add something first thing in the morning. It was extremely valuable having these other members and teachers include their input because it made me more well versed in the material. Every person put in a great amount of effort and I was able to collaborate well because they were always readily available.

One thing I took away from the group project was how many teachers and professionals are not well versed in information about the LGBTQI community. I know for a fact that I did not know enough information and it proved that I was not the only one. I hope that with my knowledge that my group has shared with me and I have learned from these past four weeks that I can implement a community of inclusion within my classroom and within my life.

-Catherine Niebuhr

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