Final Response EDUC 577

1. Do you have any new insights after the class experience concerning social justice?

After taking this course I believe that my eyes have been opened to many different things I hadn’t thought too much about before. In regards to social justice I now feel I can play an active role in promoting social justice, due to having a stronger understanding of some of the unjust things that happen in our society. Opening our eyes to both the negative things occurring around us, and helping us understand how to become a part of the solution was very helpful in this course. I now feel more prepared as an educator, and a person to take on social justice.

2. Do you have any new concerns about social justice?

The concerns I have now are really in regards to the role I have played, and still play in social justice. I believe that as an educator we hold a lot of power in educating our students about social justice. I now know this is something I will continue to incorporate into my own classroom each year. I want to continue to learn and grow as an educator, and help educate my students to prepare them to learn and grow throughout life as well.

3. What is your philosophy of integrating social justice in the classroom?

I think that at my grade level incorporating social justice into my classroom can be done in many simple ways. This can start with establishing a set of classroom norms. Establishing respect among peers, and teaching why it is important to celebrate diversity rather than hide from it. I want my students to understand that it is never a bad thing to be different, and I want them to carry that lesson with them throughout their lives.

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