About Me: Introducing yourselves to your peers #577


Black History Month Activities

For this assignment, you will be making a screen cast video that introduces you to your peers. You will be using screencast-o-matic for this assignment. Please watch the tutorial below on how to use screencast-o-matic:



In your video, you will give a brief introduction that includes your name, background, professional experiences, what subject you teach, etc. The purpose of this video is to break the ice with your peers to create a sense of community in this course. You will choose an artifact to share in your video that reflects your cultural practices, values, history, or beliefs (e.g. a recipe book, a weaving, ring, game). You will explain to the class how this artifact reflects who you are.


Once you make your screencast, you will upload the video to YouTube and share the URL under in the WordPress blog  under the Identity #577 categories. You will comment on two of your peer’s videos by Tuesday, February 12th.

6 thoughts on “About Me: Introducing yourselves to your peers #577”

    1. Please ignore my last link. I just realized I copied the wrong link to my video. Here is the correct link to my introduction video!



      1. Omar,
        What an interesting story for how you got into teaching! It sounds like you have a lot of different experience which is awesome! As much as I love teaching Kindergarten, I wish I had more varying experience on different grade levels. I feel like it is going to be a big adjustment for me when I finally move on from K!
        I am so surprised to hear that you were banned from wearing earrings in your school. That made me feel horrible! It is sad to think that they would not let you wear something that is apart of your culture!
        It was great watching your video! Looking forward to collaborating with you this semester!


      2. Omar,

        I really enjoyed watching your video! I was very impressed by your teaching experiences. It seems as though you have had several different experiences in the classroom. Changing grade levels seems like a very difficult task. Even though it may have been difficult, it is definitely making you a better educator! I am also a math teacher, but I currently teach Algebra 2 to 10th and 11th graders. I really enjoyed hearing about how special ear piercing is to your culture. It is a shame to hear that you were banned from participating in something that is so special to your culture. You are so well spoken and I can’t wait to collaborate with you throughout this semester!


        Jaidin Tonneson


  1. Hi Omar
    Thanks so much for sharing! You have such an interesting story. I loved hearing about the school you worked in in NYC. I am in awe of you have taught so many grades/subject areas. I feel like that must have been so challenging yet rewarding at the same time. I think your students are so lucky to have a teacher like you. Thank you for sharing that information about your culture. I teach in a predominantly latino community and I never knew that. I feel like you just taught me so much about my students’ culture.

    Ariel Wiener


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