Stereotype Threat

The Teaching Center defines stereotype threats as: “Stereotype threat is a phenomenon in which a person’s concern about confirming a negative stereotype can lead that person to underperform on a challenging assessment or test” (The teaching center, 2019). A stereotype is an idea of belief that is internalized based on a person’s identifier (s). This can lead to anxieties and underperformance in school based on how a child feels they are supposed to perform. Students will behave in the way they feel that society expects them to.

Steel conducted numerous studies exploring this idea of stereotype threat. He tested it on women and people of color. At the end of both he came to the overarching consensus that, “they can feel the stereotype threat; they can feel under pressure not to confirm the stereotype for fear that they will be judged or treated in terms of it” (Steele,2010).

In order to fight these stereotype threats teachers can implement strategies into their daily classroom environment. Promoting growth mindset, a sense of belonging and teamwork and highlighting the importance of diversity will prevent the growth of stereotype threats. link:


“Empirically Validated Strategies to Reduce Stereotype Threat”.

“Reducing Stereotype Threat.”

Steele, Claude. (2010). Whistling Vivaldi: and other clues to how stereotypes affect us. New York: W.W. Norton & Company.

2 thoughts on “Stereotype Threat”

  1. Hello Aimee!
    I agree with your suggestions on day to day practices teachers can employ to combat bias and stereotype threat in the classroom. I feel like your infographic is very neat and concise and would be great to have in a teacher’s lounge or somewhere it would be seen often. I think all teachers would agree that the key components you included in your infographic are things that benefit ALL students and should occur in any classroom regardless of the makeup of the class. Conveying that everyone can grow in the classroom is important!
    Thank you for sharing your ideas!
    -Robert Mullen


  2. Aimee,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I especially enjoyed how you described the definition of stereotype threat. If a student believes that they are acting in a way that confirms their negative stereotypes, this may hurt them in any academic and social setting. If a student is constantly afraid of performing in a way that confirms their negative stereotypes, then they will not be able to excel academically.

    I also enjoyed your infographic. If an educator is able to promote a growth mindset, a sense of belonging and teamwork, and the importance of diversity, then they will be providing each student with a beneficial learning environment.


    Jaidin Tonneson


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