Stereotype Threat

Here is the link to my Infographic

According to the teaching center, stereotype threat is defined as  “a phenomenon in which a person’s concern about confirming a negative stereotype can lead that person to underperform on a challenging assessment or test.” Stereotype threat has been a contributing factor to racial and gender gaps in academic performances. Stereotype threat can occur when people of a group underperform due to their awareness of a negative stereotype associated with their belonging to a certain group.

The notion of stereotype threat has manifested itself in the classroom.  Students who identify with groups who are underrepresented have the potential to be especially vulnerable to stereotype threat (teaching center).  In order to help combat these stereotypes in the classrooms teachers must foster a growth mindset. In addition to nurturing a growth mindset, teachers should also provide feedback that motivates students to improve and foster a sense of belonging.  Moreover, teachers can also impress upon students the notion that diversity is in fact valued as well as showing that students’ individuality is valued. 

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