Cultural Autobiography Voice Thread

This week you will be completing your Cultural Autobiography Voice Thread.

  • Please post your Voice Thread on the WordPress Blog by Sunday, March 17th at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Respond to two peers Voice Thread posts by Sunday, March 24th at 11:59 PM EST.
  • The rubric for the Voice Thread can be found on Blackboard Image result for cultural identity

4 thoughts on “Cultural Autobiography Voice Thread”

    1. Omar,

      Your presentation provided yet another perspective for me as I continue to learn just how diverse our county truly is; thank you. I can relate however to your relationship as my story is extremely similar, the strongest relationships bring the best out of one another! I love how you talked about your relationship influencing your identity because I think our relationships have a tremendous impact on who we are as individuals; often times we overlook that aspect. I’m sorry your hard work was discredited as result of your acceptance to Cornell. However, Congrats on being a first generation graduate, that is an outstanding accomplishment!

      Thanks for being you,

      Alexis DeRitis


  1. Hey Omar!

    Thank you for the detailed cultural autobiography! I think it is so interesting to hear the background of a student who went to a charter school as well as a student who grew up with a single parent. As a teacher who has taught at a charter school, it is great to see someone who was successful and ended up at school in Cornell and has emersed himself in being an educator of culture as well as what it was like to come from a lower socioeconomic background.

    Great Post!

    Andrew Levinton


  2. Hi Omar,
    I loved listening to your cultural autobiography. I love how you talk about how your moms generosity lent itself to you pursuing a career in teaching. In your third slide you talk about how you were not very religious growing up, and still are not today. I was the same way and still am today. I also find it so interesting how you mention that you were unaware of your social class. I grew up in a town where people always talked about this sort of thing so it was really very refreshing to see how this was something you were unaware of until you went to a private school. I am sorry to hear you felt judged and felt the need to code switch in college.



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