3 thoughts on “Cultural Biography VoiceThread”

  1. Hayley,
    I really enjoyed your voice thread. I particularly like the section you included on your time abroad in Italy. It’s interesting to hear about the difference between you and your significant other and how you were treated based on your background. I can also relate to your comments on age. I remember being the young teacher on the team but now my role has shifted to mentoring the 22-year-old teacher in third grade. I particularly enjoy the conversations we have about our lives outside of school and like the fresh perspective she brings to the team. Again, I really enjoyed your cultural biography.
    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Hayley,
    I enjoyed listening to your voice thread! I can empathize with you about being considered young for your job. I am also the youngest teacher in my school building. I often find that I have to prove myself to others that I can handle my position. I also know that during meetings, my voice has much less weight than a tenured teacher who has been teaching for a long time.
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hayley,

    I really enjoyed listening to your voice thread! I especially enjoyed hearing about your family background because I believe our backgrounds are very similar. My family and I understand on a daily basis that we are privileged and are working hard to understand this. I also enjoyed your section on discussing your age. I also believe that I am extremely young. I am the youngest teacher in my school by two years. Due to this, I feel segregated on a normal basis due to my age. My students are even aware of this age gap. I received a comment from one of my students stating, “Miss Tonneson, Are you the youngest teacher in the school?” Even though my age is quite different than most teachers, I believe that I am still providing every student with a wonderful educational experience. Thank you for sharing.


    Jaidin Tonneson


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