2 thoughts on “Cultural Autobiography”

  1. Hi Emily,

    I wanted to start off with saying thank you for being so open and candid about yourself and your family’s culture and experiences. I admire the hard work your parents did for you and your siblings to have a bright future. I also wish you the best with your boyfriend because it sounds like from your Voicethread that your families are having a tough time with the two of you being together based on on religious differences. Finally, I definitely empathize with you being a young teacher. I am the youngest on my teaching team and I am 26 while the rest of my team are 40 and older so I feel like my input is always useless and dismissed because of the experience gap.

    Thanks again for sharing,


  2. Emily,

    Thanks for sharing that details about you are. Sharing your family’s religious differences with your boyfriend’s can’t be easy to deal with during various holidays throughout the year. Much like your mom’s family, I grew up in a large family with 5 siblings. I recently got married and thought my family was big until I met his extended family. My husband’s family are half Italian and half Irish, his father was one of 10 and his mother was one of 6. Needless to say my family just tripled in size. The picture you posted with your students, you weren’t kidding about how you blend in with your students.



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