2 thoughts on “Cultural AutoBiography – Andrew Levinton”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing such a vivid autobiography about yourself and those that are important to you.My first reaction to your project was what a small world we live in. You mentioned how you student taught at Syracuse Academy of Science, and I teach 5 minutes away from that school! I am currently teaching at a brand new charter school in Syracuse called OnTech Charter High School. I also enjoy lifting heavy, but I am not a medal winner like yourself, so I respect your dedication and drive to manage powerlifting sessions and full time teaching. The biggest takeaway from your autobiography is when you discussed stereotype threat. I admire your resilience when dealing with those who make fun of your culture, and I think your quote is so powerful to teach our students who are the future. You said, “Stereotype threats are only threats if you let them stay as threats and you internalize what is being said to you.” I tell my students all the time to ignore when people try to bring them down.

    Thanks again for sharing,


  2. Hi Andrew!
    Thank you for sharing your autobiography! I really like how much detail you added about not only yourself, but your family as well! It is crazy, grew up in Cortland and I graduated from Cortland High School! I can’t believe what a small world it is! You really did a great job!


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