5 thoughts on “Cultural Autobiography”

  1. Hi Miranda,

    How cool is it that your great grandfather is a shark expert! I would love to find out more about what he did on a day to day basis for his job.
    You said that you went through a culture shock when you found out that some of you students’ families have very little. I had the same experience this year teaching. I am teaching in a title 1 school and I have been shocked many times by the stories I hear my students have to endure. It has made me more emphatic than ever before.
    My dog’s name is Boomer and I have the same special relationship with him as you do with your German Shepard. I always tease with my family that they will never know the love between me and my dog, but it is partially true!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hey Miranda,
    Thank you for sharing your cultural autobiography. I found your slide about being a twin and having multiple identities as a result very interesting! As an only child, that is not something I’ve ever really thought about or been confronted with. I’m sure it was challenging to be referred to as “the twins” when you were working to develop your own individual identity.

    I also appreciated your slide on your pup, Diesel! I think the relationship between pet owner and pet is mutually beneficial and can play a significant role in how someone sees and interacts with the world.

    Thank you again for sharing your work!
    -Robert Mullen


  3. Miranda,

    Thanks for sharing who you are with us, I enjoyed learning a little more about you! I love how concise your slides were in your presentation, they were to the point but not vague. I was an only child until 13 years-old and would have killed for a sibling, let alone have a twin! Though I wonder, do you find it difficult for people to recognize that you have your own individual identities? Lastly, I do agree, teaching does open your eyes to the differences between yourself and your students, and between them as classmates. However, it opens up the doors for us to teach about individuality and cherish diversity within our classrooms.

    Keep making a difference,

    Alexis DeRitis


  4. Hi Miranda,
    I love your slide about your dog! I too have 4 dogs and I am a new cat mom. My dogs and two cats have really changed my life. I adopted all of them from either a rescue or the shelter, and has really motivated me to get involved in different animal rescue fundraising events. They have taught me what its like to be able to make a difference for my community and the true meaning of unconditional love.
    Thank you for sharing!



  5. Hey Miranda,

    Thanks for sharing who you are with all of us. I enjoyed hearing about your identity as a twin and did not realize the impact that would have on your personal identity. Especially when you stated that you and your sister were known as the twins instead of your individual identity. I can relate how the way view things change after you have your own child. I switched from secondary education math to elementary special education after I had my first daughter. I was able to recognize the magic carpet at Greek Peak in your picture before you happened to mention it. I highly recommend taking your son skiing as soon as he can walk. I started taking my oldest daughter skiing at 19 months old, she hated the boats and now 8 years later she loves it!



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