2 thoughts on “Cultural Identity VoiceThread”

  1. Hope,

    I enjoyed watching your cultural autobiography. I can connect to the comment you made in regard to being the youngest faculty member within your district. I just graduated in December and had the opportunity to take over a leave replacement. I was in the same position that you mentioned. I often felt as though I needed to compensate for my age and lack of experience.

    I also found your racial experience very interesting. There is definitely a lack of representation among minority groups within movies, television, and games. It is nice to hear that you were able to have a conversation with your fellow club member about this issue. It is very important that we talk about these issues in order to change them.

    Jessica Parker


  2. Hope,
    Thank you so much for sharing your cultural background with us. I really enjoyed your voicethread! I am also German and Polish myself. I can relate to you on the food aspect, as my grandmother would make homemade pierogies and has passed down the “secret” recipe to my mom and now I have it too, goes best with kielbasa and cucumbers and sour cream! Thank you again for sharing your cultural history with us, I really did enjoy your project.


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