3 thoughts on “Cultural Biography”

  1. Hi Jane,
    It was interesting to hear about you growing up in Long Beach, LI. I have friends who live in that area and have visited quite often. it is a super cute little town!! I think showing the demographics of your city really shows how you were not really exposed to those who are different than you. i also spoke a lot about this in my voice thread because I too, grew up in an area that was predominately white. I agree with you that begin a female can sometimes be difficult but it also can be a lot of fun as well! I am envious of having 3 sisters! I only grew up with a brother and although I love him very much, I always wanted a sister! I also enjoyed your slide in which you talk about your culture. I like how you found a representation of the flags.
    Nice job!
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Jane,
    I can relate to a lot of the things you spoke on. I grew up on Long Island as well in a predominately white neighborhood so I too wasn’t exposed to different races and diversity. That has slowly changed over time, I’ve traveled and now teach at a school where white students are the minority.
    I have two older sisters and my dad is the only male in the family. I have been surrounded by women my entire life and they have all influenced how I see the world.
    I got a job right out of college as well and being the young teacher, many teachers will come to me for technology help too! Sometimes I can feel embarrassed, but overall I don’t mind helping them out because they have been such a great help to me with my first year of teaching!


  3. Hi Jane!
    I really liked your Autobiography! You did a really great job. I think it was awesome how you included a demographic on where you grew up. Like you, I too grew up in a predominantly white area. Even in high school and college there were maybe two or three different races in my classes. I also do not think about my race a lot, being a white female. I too am also Irish and German! I didn’t really identify with being Irish like you did however. Its really cool how in touch you are with your ethnicity!
    Great Job!


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