EDUC 577 Final Reflection #577


After taking this course, I have absorbed a tremendous amount of information relating to diversity on an everyday basis and in educational environments. Since I am currently teaching, I was able to relate the content of this course to my classroom. I believe that being able to apply this knowledge to my current classroom environment was very beneficial for my students and for myself. Using this information, I was able to see how diversity impacts my students on a daily basis. The biggest takeaway about diversity in education that I did not realize prior to this course is that it does apply to the mathematics curriculum. As a math teacher, I never understood how to incorporate diversity in to my curriculum. Due to this, I was never able to fully relate to my diversity courses during my undergrad. Now that I am able to see that diversity can be appreciated in a mathematics classroom, I understand how important it is to emphasize on in an educational setting. Being able to focus on different cultures, identities, and student differences in the classroom has been very beneficial for my entire class. My class has now appreciated their differences and is proud of their true identity. As a teacher, I will strive to provide my students with this type of education for the rest of my career. I believe that the students who receive this type of education are more well-rounded and respectful adults. Preparing students for this diverse future is an amazing way to set them up for success. Overall, this course has provided with an immense amount of useful and applicable knowledge. I now believe that I have a better understanding of my current students and the ones that I will be teaching in the future. I understand how to embrace differences and utilize each student’s strengths to aid the curriculum.

Thank you for an amazing semester.


Jaidin Tonneson

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