Final Reflect– Ariel Wiener

This course offered a myriad of insightful and useful information.  There were so many aspects of this course that I feel I can take away and use as an educator.  In the third module, we talked about social justice and the  justice standards. I feel that these standards are my biggest takeaway from our course.

 After being exposed to these standards for the first time (in this course) I am going to make sure I teach children to be global citizens by infusing justice, action, identity and diversity standards into the curriculum I teach. I think this is an overlooked yet imperative part of the standards that need to be taught from a young age. (as mentioned in my social justice picture essay the city is pushing for anti-bias training for all teachers).  I personally think that a lot of this could help mitigate what we read about in both Whistling Vivaldi  and Privilege Power and Difference.  In Module one, we were exposed (through our readings) to other perspectives of daily life besides our own.  This is also something that needs to be brought back into the classroom both for educators and students.  Educators need to be aware of how the cultural, social, economic etc. background of our students impacts every aspect of their lives. Through the social justice standards, students need to understand the aforementioned statement as well.  I believe that the social justice standards allow for an avenue in which we as educators can help to cultivate in our students the appreciation and valuing of multiple perspectives in all facets of life.

I am truly looking forward to being able to incorporate the social justice standards into my classroom with my 7/8 year old students! Thank you for such a wonderful and insightful semester everyone

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