Final Reflection


At the forefront of diversity in the context of education is individuality. One of the biggest takeaways from this course for me was the concept of embracing diversity within education. Whether this is seen within a classroom or the entire school district, teachers can individually make strides to showcase the diversity among their students. This idea sounds like a simple concept that should be done in every classroom throughout the country. However, I have come to realize throughout this course and as a new teacher that this is simply not the case. Teachers and educators need to be mindful of this action in order for it to happen effectively. As a mathematics teacher, I always found that it would be difficult to incorporate diversity and social justice into my lessons. However, this course challenged me to think outside of the box. I have come to realize that with a little creativity it can definitely be done.

Another important takeaway from this course was the idea that teachers should not only act as models, but they should teach diversity and social justice as well. It is important for teachers to act as a role models for their students. However, it is also important that teachers take the time to discuss diversity and social justice. The four social justice standards that we discussed outline the four primary standards educators and students can follow to embrace diversity. Justice, identity, diversity, and action encompass these four social justice standards. In order to teach social justice within our schools, I personally believe that teachers should teach these four standards. They set the foundation for not only teachers, but students as well. At the end of the day it is our job as teachers to teach our students to be kind and respectful individuals to everyone around them.

Thank you for a great semester!

-Jessica Parker

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