Diversity is an important aspect in the culture of the United States.  Throughout United States and history to the present, there have been issues regarding different ethnicities, races, languages, socioeconomic status, and exceptionalities.  Education plays a large role in bringing positive change in the form of social justice.

One of my biggest takeaways from this course is the responsibility every individual has on social justice.  As a member of society, I have a responsibility to recognize my position regarding privileges I possess. I also have a responsibility to actively listen and assist those who are less privileged than I am.  These are responsibilities that all members of society have, but some unique aspects are attached to those who hold certain positions. One of these positions that has been highlighted in the course is a role in the education system.  I am a full time teacher in a public school who interacts with over 100 middle schoolers every school day. I am a model to my students and I am responsible for providing lessons that will prepare students to be functioning members of society. This includes advising students about identity and diversity as well as applying justice and action to continue positive reform.

The examples of social justice in education that have been accomplished inspire me to bring the topics of identity, diversity, action, and justice into the classroom.  The education system ideally prepares generations to be valuable members of society so progression continues. I want to be a valuable part of that process.

I have enjoyed conversing with you all!

Hope Schaumburg

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