Andrew Levinton – EDUC 577 Final Reflection

This course has been a wonderful experience in discussing the personal perspectives people have in the realm of social justice. Although I have always lived my life as an educator who takes the issue of diversity in mind, this is the first time I have been exposed to the social justice standards and had a chance to learn how to implement them in my school today. It was valuable to learn about this concept as it helped me think about my past years in school and how the demographic has varied, as well as formed the culture in those districts.
One of the biggest takeaways that I took from this course is the concept of identity and how it shapes all of us. Students who have different backgrounds or personal aspects have opportunities to contribute to the classroom to promote the issue of social justice. It is when we learn to accept teachers, students, and citizens for their culture, ethnicity, social, as well as gender and economic aspects of their identity that we learn to instill a culture that is more welcoming and can progress the community as a whole. It was fun to use the voicethread activity to learn about everyone’s individual background and how people view their own identities because I now have a sense to look at my students who share traits with my peers in their lens.
I will take the experiences I have learned in this course and use them to get to know my students better and create a more comforting environment in my classroom as well as my school. I look forward to both progressing, as well as teaching my students to become these citizens of social justice and teaching them the importance of being a positive contributor in the role of diversity.

Thank you so much for a wonderful semester!


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