EDUC 577 Final Reflection

My biggest takeaway from this course about diversity in education that I did not realize prior to the course is that although some topics can be awkward and hard to discuss it is important to not just ignore them. I really took to heart the idea of the microaggressions and other social justice issues that may be happening within a classroom that a teacher needs to be aware of. There are small things that get said or small actions that happen that may not seem like a big deal but to the person it is happening against it is a really big deal.

I also found that it is important to educate students who may be in the majority even if there is not a lot of local diversity. These students who are involved in many social activities with other people and schools as well as who participate in social media need to understand that their actions have consequences and even if they are not around a diverse population they should be aware of the things they say and how to be good global citizens.

It is important to include technology when teaching students how to navigate in their educational world. They will need to learn how to appropriately use technology through working on projects, posting online and researching/looking things up. They should be aware when their actions are not right and they should be aware when others’ actions are not right.  This will make students more aware of their actions and the actions of those around them. They will become advocates for themselves and others and be aware of social justice in this world.

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