Education 577 – final reflection

Throughout this course we, as a group of educators explored and discussed the multifaceted concept that is diversity in the classroom. Diversity and the important role it plays in the 21st century classroom is often topic people avoid talking about. The discomfort that is associated with diversity, race and socio economic class is the major reason we should be talking about it. This course has taught me that these are the conversations we need to be having and they should start in the classroom. Children are the people to start with when starting change. They are the ones who will listen and who still want to I’m prove the world they are going to live in.

 “Whether it is a matter of can’t or won’t, the truth is that we simply do not get along” (Johnson, 2018, pg. 1). All the way back in discussion 1 titled “we are in trouble” we discussed the societal issues that exist between people. In this Johnson quote he states that we as the human race, are not getting along. We are not being tolerant or understanding of each other. There are fights and violence over the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation and religion. It is 2019 and this should no longer be the case. The policies in place to protect students are also not being held firm and in public schools discrimination still exists. Discussion amongst us has taught me that we have to be agents of change. That educators have access to the next generation of people who will be changing the world and we have to take advantage of that.

Teach your students about privilege, talk about hate and celebrate differences.

Thank you for a great semester everyone!

– Aimee Albano

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