Final Reflection- Ashley Wannermeyer

This has been my favorite ed tech class so far because I was able to take a lot of what I have learned and embed it right into my curriculum and gained knowledge of others in an educational setting. It was beneficial to explore different aspects of education and how different groups have had to make their own way in education, and still struggle. It was also beneficial to take a deeper look at stereotypes, stereotype threats and gave everyone another perspective of what it is like in our education system today.

My biggest take away from this class is the cultural component. I updated a lot of my cultural activities that I would do with a Global and Gourmet foods class. This year I really focused on the differences between culture, race and ethnicity. My students were very into the idea of knowing the difference as they would have their own debates in class. In the past I would just focus on the food aspect of their lives but was able to tie all ideas together to create one project that they all loved!

I never was really into the politics of education but now I can understand where we have come from and where we are going. It is important to realize that the school board is the biggest influence on the educational system. A lot of minority groups have had to advocate for themselves and push hard for change. Some are resistant to it and that can be human nature but it is important to integrate all students and have every student feel included. Schools are accepting, but forget about how that student may feel in a class where they do not know English, or they do not have recognition for their ethnicity, culture and holidays celebrated. This just has to do with keeping all educators diverse and knowledgeable about what may be going on with our students. For the first year since I have been at my school (4 years) they sent out a notice about ramadan and the effects it will have on our students and to understand they may not be cranky with you it is the fact they are hungry, tired and thirsty. This is just one example of how we can help our students be the best they can. Acknowledgement is huge and empathy means a lot to our students.

Thank you all for a great semester! Best of luck to everyone.

Ashley Wannermeyer


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